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Kelchella 2023




Convenients Bar


18 March 2023

Kelchella 2023

Morgan Joanel
Morgan’s rich, succulently strong and vibrant vocals intertwined with acoustic rhythms and funky loops got the party started in elegant style.
Taking time out to explain the looping was live, not pre-recorded, was on embracing moment that reinforced the notion we were being treated to something special.
Accepting the offer to take Morgan home for $20 post gig I snapped up the opportunity to make a lady happy and grabbed a copy of Morgan’s latest release ‘Night Blooms’ – A great listen when you need to stop and breathe.
We all wish Morgan the very best on the impending European Tour.
With the early birds transfixed in the courtyard this was the first of the magical moments to come.

Nairn McKays
Nairn McKays delicate pickings and spiritual meanderings kept the part flowing before the main courses were dished up.
This set was the calm before the storm, lulling the socialising music live music fans into a false sense of calmness and tranquillity before they entered into the eye of the electric storm.

Electric State
With megaphone blasting lead vox and guitar Rob Viney piloting Electric State into the blasting riff rock of “Government”. What could be the theme song of an Electric State gig,“Riot”, followed.
It wasn’t long before bouncing balls were released, then Rob waded into the gathering to conduct sing-along interviews and bar top walks.
At one point he turned the tables on a Rockaria 107.3 FM DJ and got them singing into the mic.
Stand in drummer Dizzy hammered away, providing the drive for Paul to fly on the bass and riff mister Russ to let loose with that “Background Noise” that I can’t “Get Enough’ off.
Janis the Megaphone and family were brought out and, following more audience five seconds of fame moments, disbursed into the live music aficionado’s to let their vocals loose on.
Birthday Lass and Kelchella 2023 organiser Machine Gun Kelly got introduced via an on stage invite, guesting on an impressive vocals as Rob got down on the acoustic.
Recuperating from foot ops, the #greenmachine himself, recovering drummer Bill Shaw put in an inspired performance on the cowbell.
This was stand-in drum’s Dizzy’s last gig and as is the Electric State way he was presented with “#FYD Dizzy” T for his impressive efforts.
Another impressive live set of magical madness that unites the community.
Breaking news is #greenmachine Bill’s come back gig back on the stool will be the Perth Rocks festival, Sunday 23rd April.

HailMary hammered out a slab of solid rock, nailing with energetic drums (Vas Shevtsov), unyielding bass (Kiran Wilson), sweating guitar and vocals (Kevin Curran-middleman, Dan Connell-stage left).
Featuring new (think Raiser, No Reason, Ruin Me) along with tried and trusted (think Friction Burns, Mind Casualty) and in between (think Equilibrium) the nine song set list added fuel to the party rock spirit.

Well and truly in the party spirit them selves Amberdown led by Hard Working Rocker Dan Connell led the trio into closing off the live band sets with a bruising but excellent natured, head banging rock therapy session.
It was a hot and sweaty affair, with word from the pit was it was getting moist down there during this energetic set.
With a sprinkling of songs from their excellent “Four Years” release the epic “Say You Will”, “Rectitude” and “Hole In The Flaw” were standout moments.
The Amberdown trio are complete by Jeremy Young (Bass/Vocals) and
Marc Lennon (Drums).
Kelchella 2023 was an outstanding affair and we can only hope Kelchella 2024 is being planned as you read. Say tuned and don’t miss out.

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