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Rumour & Innuendo

Southern River Band

Self Release
Rumour & Innuendo
A blow by blow account of the latest and great offering from The Southern River Band. Rolling … As the first track, “Chimmy”, commences you are sucked into a deadly rip that throws you about like a washing machine, shaken not stirred. A riff cuts in with a fatal grind and you know there’s no escape from this magnificent musical journey. A chill runs up your neck like a killer walking over your grave, the guitar solo rips into your spine letting the blood flow, Lethal. The friendly, uplifting razor sharp riff of “Second Best” kicks off. It’s such a feel good number one tune that sings “Love, Love and more Love”. “Do You Miss Me?” is a west coast good time laid back spliff of a song. Echoing tones of hot nights, cool breezes and heart broken love. WA’s answer to “Rocky Mountain Way”, “When It All Falls Apart”, is built around lead purveyor of all things SRB, Callum Kramer’s (guitar and vocals) inspired guitar play. A relentless blues based riff that has undertones of an AC/DC bad boy beat. Cutting deep this one leaves a musical scar. In a Live forum this will bring tears, bleeding noses and flowering roses. KILLER. Track five, “Where She Wants Me”, is a party boogie, stomp along, feeling good , getting you on the mood. Get yer dancing shoes on. The spirt of Wishbone Ash rises again. Like a fork shaped bone rising up from burnt offering’s of your treasured vinyl collection a cold chill runs up your backbone and the world is as one. Make a wish to this number and you never know if may come true. “Playing to Win” the boogie blasts on. “Tinderalla” rips ‘n’ tears, frantic and jagged. Live sweat, melodic Motorhead meets The Doobie Brothers. Another spring board for Callums dynamic fretboard action. Closing track “Little Victories” is a slow blues number that winds you down is a cool cruising manner. More cold chills as the SRB fever kicks in. Moral of the story: stick with the Love. A groove that’s smooth, leaving you on fire.
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