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Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll

Legs Electric

Vintage Records
Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll
(originally published 2015) As they are getting a bit of exposure on local radio thought it was fitting to start with Legs Electric’s “Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll” five track CD. Intro track “Illicit-Love” kicks in with a riff from Hell and Laura McComack teasing with a stinging lick before erupting into an electrifying lead break. Next up “Trigger” seems to start out low and crawling but like a black panther jumps out and grabs you by the throat. The powerful vocals of Ama Quinsee shine through. It has a feel of early Ron Keel / George Lynch collaborative work. Nice one! Abby Slones leads in with a pumping bass before a wicked riff has you bouncing off the walls. Also some nice work on muffled vocal effects. The lead break on “Temporary Road” is a killer. Fourth track “Black Magic “carries a Hendrix feel to it with some slick riffs, rolling drums, and swirling lead guitar. The EP finishes off with “She’s Like A Saint” with a slow build up with drum rolls building up to a great hook line that makes you want to get up and move. A feature is some audacious bass runs from Abby with a nice “lock, load and fire” effect to drive the point home these Lady’s mean business. Are they Saints or Sinners of Rock? Excellent first outing from this outfit, and like any nasty addiction leave you hanging out for more.
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