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Green Machine

Electric State

Self Release
Green Machine
Catching up on some pre 2023 releases starting with one that slid into the top three and has the staying power to maintain that position. Named after the drum kit, driven by Bill, that fuels the beat throughout “Green Machine” by Electric State is the opus in question. “Get In You” kicks off with riff that grabs you attention and is a signal for the danger to come. It explodes into riff-bass-drums electrifying wall of sound before it drops, allowing lead vox Rob to seduce the listener into thinking it’s safe to enter before the safety blanket is ripped by another burst of power. And so it evolves, rising to leave you breathless. “Riot” follows with a creeping story of under privilege being overcome with a distorted break that is never ending, with ringing cymbals celebrate the victory. Track three bangs on the door, begging to be let in, as sirens chase. Letting the stranger in riff mister Russ pulls one out of the bang to let Rob vocals soar. Rising and falling the sirens call mixed with muffed calls of a madman on the loose. Epic! Rampaging bass calls out the “Government” in block buster movie score that rises and falls. Net up creeping bass by Paul floats in before drums and the riff kicks in. Vocals that make you want to join in has turned this track into a much loved sing-a-long. “Light It Up” lives up to the title and sets fire to this album, with Russ letting loss with a fireball solo. With a spooky intro “FMH” is a stomping grind with melody that ascends, talking you over the half way mark that has just flown past, such is the timeless expression of solid rock this album represents. “Mirror” is yet another romper stomper track that flies, kicks, bites and soars flying like a eagle and dives like a shark before it rises to bite off your legs leaving you devastated and crying out for the doctor. The pace does not stop with “Fed By The Algorithm” shouting out the confusion of the internet takeover, and like William Wallace, cries out for “Freedom”. Another track that also transforms into an anthem in the live setting. The studio version also features some top-notch megaphone backing vocals. Flying out of the blocks “Run” kicks and twists like a mad dingo making off with it’s snatched prize. “We’re Just Blood” is another sing-a-long anthem that unities the world and could be construed as a cry against the politics of division that leads to war and suffering. The recording ends with a rampaging number that drives along, feeding the questioning spirit and lets you look into “Tomorrow’s Sun”. It leaves you screaming “lets play it again” Electric State are Russell Christie (guitar) Bill Shaw (bass), Paul Leahy (bass), Rob Viney (vocals).
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