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Maverick Firebird


Four Five Nine Bar


2 Mar 2024

The Mighty Maverick continued their rise from the Ashes. With new blood Andy on drums and the Mercurial Michael on guitar joining the Deadly Rock Dealing Duo Craig (vocals) and Simon (bass) for their forty five minute set. Tonight at the Four 5 Nine bar several new song’s were introduced. ‘War on Terror” had some fine bad ass bass play before diving head long into some fine riff-a-mania. “Long Time” and “Loveless” were equally sone walls of rock interjected with rip and tears from ‘Lighting Strikes’ Menna. The dedicated live music aficionado’s gave their collective thumbs up to the new compositions. The remainder of the set list were from the epic, ground breaking and essential self-titled inaugural opus. By his own admission Craig’s vocals were a bit dusty due to lack of live exposure. Geeting a few more gigs under the belt will remedy the situation and the screaming rock vocals are bound to fire on ten. Give Maverick Firebird the support to keep them on track as they fire off around town over the coming months. Set List:- ‘Working Man’, ‘Free’, ‘Obsession’, ‘War of Terror’, ‘Great Northern Highway’, ‘Long Time’, ‘Loveless’, ‘Break Me’, Silent Scream’ Maverick Firebird are:- Craig Jovanovis – Guitar/Vocals Simon Hallet – Bad Ass Bass Michel Menna – Guitar Andy - Drums Scroll down for more …..
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