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Four Five Nine Bar


2 Mar 2024

Young Indie five piece unit Mustard played a forty five nine song set comprising of mostly original compositions. In front of a packed house of followers their jumpy rock combined with a slight blues based pop rock vibe. An extremely gifted six string player stung with rips and solos, while the singer attacked from the front, striking intense postures. Silhouette bass supported sturdily from the side with cross beam support by punchy drums and rhythm danced to the beat. A band that has magnetic attraction so keep you your compasses out. Set List:- “Blooming Grey’, ‘Tension’, ‘Captain’, ‘Temporary’, ‘Griff Solo’, ‘Pure’, ‘Parallel’, Stuck My Head in the Sand’, ‘Sixteen’ Mustard are:- Caleb Mader - Vocals Rocco Alvaro - Guitar (Strat) Oliver Toole - Guitar (Tele) Griffin Lombardo - Bass Jess Lambert - Drums Scroll down for more …..
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