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Electric State


Lynott’s Lounge


25 Nov 2023

Electric State are a twisted band with every show having a unique twist. The connecting theme of all shows being audience participation, connection, great songs and fun and tonight was no exception. At the third song in (‘Government’) Janis the Megaphone appeared with the obligatory live music aficionado’s interviews conducted by vocalist Rob Viney as went on venue walkabouts. This unit are ripped playing live and metamorphose into a solid wall of indie/hard rock riffs/bass and drums. With three songs to go they delved into the authentic and anthem live ‘Just Blood’ being joined on stage by vocalist Haylee Robins (who deserves a huge shout out for professional (wo)manning the HFM merch desk) and the Rockaria crew. Electric State are a hair-raising show. Set List: ‘Get In You’, Can’t Get Enough’, ‘Government’, ‘Mr C’, ‘Stand Up’, ‘Fed by the Algorithm’ ‘After the Fall’, ‘Just Blood’, ‘Tomorrow’s Sun’, ‘Breed’ Electric State are:- Rob Viney – vocals, Bill “Green Machine” Shaw – drums, Paul Leahy – bass, Russ Christie – guitar, Craig ‘not Bill’ Shaw – merch desk Scroll down for more …..
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