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Krissy’s Cheeseballs


Lynott’s Lounge


25 Nov 2023

Saviour Stand-in Rock Star Krissy’s Cheese Balls stood in and up, saving the Day as The Show Must Go On. Standing in for a sickness stricken Ballbreaker this hand rolled, crunchy, smelly and sweaty Cheese Balls put in a once-in-a-lifetime rock guitar jam that light up the night and added just the right amount of Cheese to the Shows Proceedings. Playing a mix of jams and covers (Rockaria 107. HFM fave being cover of Kiss “Rock and Roll All Nite” (?)) they rocked hard and load into the night. I think this was the number the irrepressible Kym Remond (Band of Missfits) also joined in on the vocals For a cover of Nirvana’s “Teen Spirt” Amberdown’s bass, Jeremy Young, and MotorV8ed’s vocalist (tba) joined the Cheeseball All Stars on vocals giving it their all. Krissy’s Cheeseballs are:- Guitar – Krissy Sanfead (Ballbreaker) Guitar / Vocals – Dan Connell (Amberdown) Bass – Stubacca (Band of Missfits) Drums - Frank Lupino (Legacy Alive) Scroll down for more …..
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