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Triple Engine


Lynott’s Lounge


25 Nov 2023

Lifting the bonnet and getting under the hood, these mechanics of music, power trio Triple Engine got in amongst it. Demonstrating they had the right tools for the job they took a step forward and hot the Ruckus with a musical left hook. Dynamic drumming, roving bass and exquisite six string work Triple Engine are big, smart rock on the this Western Shore. Working a new release be sure to take a slice when it’s out. Set List: ‘Right Tools for the Job’, ‘Take A Slice’, Hit ‘Em with a Left Hook’, ‘Big Smart Rock’, ‘Western Shore’, Vive La Difference’, ‘Step Forward’ Triple Engine are:- Guitar/Vocals – Chris Gibbs Bass/Vocals – Craig Skelton Drums – Elliot Jebb Scroll down for more …..
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