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False Cobra


Milk Bar


20 Jan 2024

Four-piece False Cobra kicked off the live music with a thirty minute set of high energy. Like a sound wave of punk hitting a Heavy Metal wall they thrashed and bashed a dual guitar sound into rampaging riffs with consummate skill. With dual vocals via Al (drums) and Natho (bass) they mix it up. The set list appeared to be made up on the run. Not sure if Al’s hangover from a 5am night out on the town was a contributing factor but they held it together. Their set was well received by the Milk Bar Live Music Early Birds. Set List: “Gozzy Blues” , “Blackout“, “Make it work”, “Ghost bat”, “Rio”, “Saigon”, “Great Northern Hwy” False Cobra are:- Natho- bass and vocals Mark - lead guitar Dyl - rhythm guitar AL - drums and vocals Scroll down for more …..
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