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Def FX


Badlands Bar


17 Dec 2023

Groundbreaking Australian nineties unit Def FX broke more ground by breaking musical bread with Perth for the first time since 1996. Integrating techno, rap and heavy rock without a drum kit in sight four-piece Def FX embarked on a journey of hip swinging, head banging, mosh jumping classic vibrations that will never have a used buy-date. With an original catalogue of four albums, six EPs to delve into this ensured a gemstone of a set list. This reformation tour has also provided the catalyst for a fifth album, a compilation, “Collect Vol 1” to be launched. Frantic post gig sales verified there is still a demand for this band’s post-futuristic sounds. Thus demonstrating there is never an expiry date for beautiful and ageless spirits. No doubt Def FX and I crossed paths again at various festivals mid-nineties but those were the mind-blowing daze. Back into the reality of a top notch show but paradoxically tears were surfaced as this will be (my) last gig at the soon-to-be-closed Iconic Badlands bar. The spirited gathering of live music fans brought Def FX back on for the final encore of ‘Lightspeed’ Raging against the machine, what a way to conclude live music gatherings with this dynamic and iconic band. Set List: ‘Feels Good’, ‘Spacetime’, ‘Under TB’, ‘Déjà Vu’, ‘Masses’, ‘No Time FNW’, ‘Mask’, ‘Kill TRG, ‘We Are Now’, ‘Spell On You’, ‘Headfuck’, ‘Psychoactive’, ‘Surfers’, ‘Lightspped’ Band are:- Fiona Horne (vocals/movements) Thebat Fangr (bass) (Martyn Basha?) Ant Banister (keyboard/vocals) Jamie ‘Mad Max’ Pajuczok (guitar) ‘ Scroll down for more …..
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