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Mayatrix and the Psychics


Badlands Bar


17 Dec 2023

Entering stage left a whirl wind of energy emerged on a soundscape of heavy rock thunder as Moana lit up the stage in translucent colours. What followed was a dynamic, orgasmic performance integrating heavy metal cum indie cum opera cum dance of a thousand veils. With Moana (the Band) now transformed into Mayatrix and the Physics their energy, sound, musical skills and attacking performance has not waived in their never-ending quest to create and invigorate the senses. Along with the new name darker shadows appear to be cast where dancing flames of grinding riffs, pounding drumming, foundation bass and soaring vocals entwine releasing the spirits into the night. With international award blessings for music video’s being bestowed on the previous incarnation it was no wonder the music aficionado’s, including the attending rock stars, were mesmerised by the aural and visual assault on the senses. Set list: ‘Cultress’, ‘Mess Princess’ (?), ‘Black Moon Medicine’, ‘Varder’ (?), ‘Temple’ Band are:- Moana Mayatrix (vocals/guitar) Willow Fearns (guitar) Lochy Hoffmann (drums) Yann Vissac (bass) Click the links below to delve further into the abyss ….
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