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All This Filth


Rosemount Hotel


23 Feb 2024

All This Filth hit the stage with velocity and intent to musically bring the roof down and destroy the monsters of the mind. Launching their new album “Tomorrow Will Be Better” they got straight into with the first two tracks coming from the said opus. A meticulously detailed barrage of amalgamated death-thrash-heavy-nu metal was unleashed with Brenndan’s death metal vocals at the fore. Benny Bones laid the sturdy foundation on bass while adding texture on keys. Garrett was furious on drums while Lenny and Brock attacked the barriers with the power of a combined full force rock machine. The ATF crew in attendance responded in kind with a frantic mosh pit opening mid-way through the energised set. With six tracks from the new album being raised up for offering they where drunk in and devoured with praise. The other elements of the set were met with equal response. Brendan was viability moved by the reaction of the staunch ATF crew and newly exposed live music aficionado’s in attendance. The night concluded with an intense version of “Drowning” with ATF drowning in the Good Will. Set List: ‘It’s Never Going to be OK’, Dark Hearts, Dead Minds’, ‘This is Misery’, ‘I Still Hate’, ‘So Broken’, ‘Reject the Machine’, ‘Waste My Life’, ‘Disconnect’, ‘Breathing Concrete’, ‘Slave State’, ‘Sill Bleeds My Heart’ All This Filth are:- Vocal – Brendan Preston Guitar – Brock Smith Guitar – Lenny Dill Bass/Keyboards – Benny Bönes Drums – Garett Stanford Scroll down for more …..
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