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Satisfaction Guaranteed


Mojo’s Bar


24 Nov 2023

Satisfaction Guaranteed are not only a Rock N Roll band of the finest pedigree. They are a Rock n Roll Shakespearian play. Each musician plays out their part to perfection. A live wire front man who covers the stage like Mick Jagger chasing Freddie Mercury and plays the keyboards like Billy Joel hitting Elton John over the head a B flat minor. A guitarist that dips, slides and splits, a bass bringing it up from the bottom end and a drummer who peaks and strips, they have got it going on. With some fine music to back up their performance antics this is a band that is heading up. Make sure you catch while they are still available. Click the surrounding buttons to check them out and get to their next show time. Satisfaction Guaranteed are:- Vocals/Keyboards – Johnny Rogers Bass – Ayden James Drums – Tommy Host Guitar - Ethan Robinson
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