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Legs Electric


Mojo’s Bar


24 Nov 2023

Launching their epic new single “Dance Like A Wolf” Legs Electric kept the music aficionado’s hungry as they rolled it out as their first encore. While the recording comes across like Fleetwood Mac meeting the Marsden/Moody era Whitesnake live it’s …. Legs Electric!! Hair, flash and fringes!!! They a Rock book personified. Energetic drumming from founding member Kylie, a singer who puts the ”X” in “Excellence” in the form of the Amazing Ama, bass playing Erin who has more power than the Admiral Graf Spee (German Pocket Battleship) and Elana who riffs, rips and tears with the best if you want Classic Rock you get Classic Rock. Along with their classics (think ‘Wanna Riot, ‘She’s Like A Saint’, ‘Strange Addition’), the newer darker numbers (‘Dark Paradise’, ‘Black Moon’) were also their. New unheard of numbers (‘Glass House’, ‘Volcanic Eyes’) were also released in the stratosphere. These new numbers were heavy and gritter with goove. The Live Music aficionado’s demanded “One More Song” and the Legs obliged, pulling out a second cover of the night. As a certain amount of time and music has passed since attending the tile of the second encore is going to have to remain a mystery. The Legs Electric Train Keeps A Rollin’ On!! Setlist ‘Glasshouse’, ‘Wanna Riot’, ‘Strang Addition’, ‘Dark Paradise’, ‘She’s Like A Saint’, ‘Snake Man’, Tuesday Girl’, ‘Black Moon’, ‘Proud Mary’, ‘Road Trippin’, ‘Dane Like A Wolf’, ‘Volcanic Eyes’ Legs Electric are Elana Haynes (Guitar), Erin Gooden (Bass), Ama Quinsee (vocals), Kylie Soanes (Drums).
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