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Abbe May


Mojo’s Bar


28 Oct 2023

Looking lush in a Tux and putting her best foot forward the wonderous Abbe May skipped into the light fantastic. Bringing all those around in on her trip she threw out her musical embrace and it was grasped from thin air and hugged close by the live music aficionado’s. Abbe’s set of rock dance groove plucked from her back catalogue that was cathartic in the making and therapeutic in the delivery stretched from the fruity ‘Love Decline’ and ‘Are We Flirting?’, the dance ticking groove of ‘Doomsday Clock’, the unfathomable entanglement of ‘Universes’ and ‘Karmageeddon’ to the deep s#x grind of ‘ Pony’ that makes the juices flow. Along the way the ‘Design Desire’ phase horns were brought out and raised in praise and paved the way. Unleashing two new compositions mid-set, ‘Diamonds’ (?) shone bright and was cold as ice in the dance chill zone while ‘Big Pu$$y Energy’ promised all that went before and much more to come. As the gig was fund raising to enable Abbe to complete the new album these were well received moments. With a few songs left the hardcore band of drummer and bass/keyboards was augmented by a Metallica cartoon T-shirt wearing six-string sonic stretching guitarist that played off Abbe’s rips, tears and riffs. The twelve song set was concluded but a very noisy call back resulted with encore of ‘ Fu#k You’. Of course was not directed at the amazing Mojo’s staff, sound and light crew and attendees but at past ghosts of lovers of the past. The say Grinners are Winners and with more grins through the night than a Cheshire Cat in Wonderland this was a heartwarming winning performance by Abbe May and her talented band. Abbe May – Ripping Like A Flick Knife Blade Set list: ‘Love Decline’, ‘Are We Flirting’, ‘Trouble’, ‘Karmageddon, ‘Pony,. ‘Doomsday Clock’, ‘Diamonds’, Big Pu$$y Energy’, ‘Universes’, ‘Monumentality’ (?), ‘Taurus Chorus’, Design Desire’, encore ‘Fu#k You’ Scroll down for more …..
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