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Satisfaction Guaranteed


Mojo’s Bar


28 Oct 2023

Playing with the same passion, energy, skill and showmanship be it to three music fans or two thousand foaming-at-the-mouth live music aficionado’s you can see their laser like focus and drive to make it too the top shining right on through. With Johny (vocals/keyboards) swirling, twirling, splitting, and watching from on from low and high, Ethan windmilling like Pete, bouncing, stomping and flying, Tommy (drums) failing, flowing and banging leaving Ayden (bass) being stanch and solid with flair. It was a top shelf performance as ever. I am repeating myself when I say that playing with high energy, skill and passion this emerging music power source have the chemistry of Jagger/Richards, Freddie Mercury/Queen and their likes running through their veins. Their giving continues as they supported Abbe May’s Big Pu$$y Energy fund raiser. Satisfaction Guaranteed – Slashing Like A Switchback Razor! Satisfaction Guaranteed are:- Vocals – Johnny Rogers Bass – Ayden James Drums – Tommy Host Guitar - Ethan Robinson Scroll down for more …..
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