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Stormrider 2023 – Part 9




Badlands Bar


8 July 2023

Stormrider 2023 – Part 9
Rounding off the night with some furiously spikey death metal Bloodlust brought the festival to fitting close. This five piece outfit were Heavy with intent, backed by more great musical skills and ferocious growling Bloodlust did the festival proud. …. And into the Darkness the Rode …. Set List:- “Deadly Fore”, “ Demonic Aggressor”, “High Speed Slaughter”, “ Iron Tyrants”, “Law of the Serpent”, “Bleeding Venom”, “Metal Shock”, “Hellfire Metal” Bloodlust are:- Vocal - Louis Rando Guitar - Rob Thorpe Guitar - Josh Voorn Bass - James Campbell Drums - Sebastian Giorgi Click buttons for more …..
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