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Stormrider 2023 – Part 7




Badlands Bar


8 July 2023

Stormrider 2023 – Part 7
Four-piece Vulgurite are a hard as a rock thrash unit that give out anthems (think “Life’s to Short for Bullsh$t”, “I’m In The Dog House”, “Let the Fun Begin” et al) to the masses. Clint (vox) overflowed with emotion and got in amongst it, joining in the mosh pit action, reaching out and making connections. Daniel on guitar was at his menacing, head banging best with locks flowing, ripping out majestic solo’s and riffs. Matty James powered the four piece on from the back, Jarrad laying out majestic bass. This was a classic Vulgurite 40-minute set that took the Badlands faithful to another level. Vulgurite are:- Vocal – Clint Hodges Guitar –Daniel James Bass – Jarrad Cracknell Drums – Sir Matty James Click buttons for more …..
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