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Stormrider 2023 – Part 5


All This Filth


Badlands Bar


8 July 2023

Stormrider 2023 – Part 5
All This Filth exploded out of the Misery (of Darkness) and into a Slave State detonating the mosh pit into a heaving mass. A five-piece band that amalgamate all forms of heavy metal into one with aggression, precision and delicate skill. Another original metal band they acknowledged one of the origin’s of guitar rock with their interpretation of “Helter Skelter”. Not for the faint hearted and there was a not a faint heart beating as they brought to a close a dynamic set of hardcore metal to rapturous feedback from the Live Music aficionado’s. Set List:- “This Is Misery”, “Slave State”, “11 Past”, “Helter Skelter”, “Still Bleeds My Heart”, Drowning” All This Filth are:- Vocal – Brendan Preston Guitar – Brock Smith Guitar – Lenny Onel Bass/Keyboards – Benny Bönes Drums – Garett Stanford Click buttons for more …..
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