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Stormrider 2023 – Part 4


Legacy Alive


Badlands Bar


8 July 2023

Stormrider 2023 – Part 4
Providing the Rock rip and tear representation for the day Legacy Alive’s twin guitar blitz launched their latest single “Unbreakable”. Legacy Alive appear to be in a musical transition passage as they are moving from their twin guitar metal sound (think eighties Iron Maidan, Tokyo Blade genre) and with the addition of keyboards on certain compositions into a more layer sound. As main man Jacob Kenny espoused they are greeting elements of Journey with “Open Arms” into their metal sound. A great set bringing a cool wind for the live music aficionado’s to draw breath but still pump those arms at this epic festival. Set List:- “Hollowpoint”, “Ready”, “Lucid” “Replay”, “Left Behind”, “Unbreakable” Legacy Alive are:- Jacob Kenny (vocals/guitar); Curtis Sucksmith (guitar) Owen Fisher (bass) Frank Lupino (drums). Click buttons for more …..
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