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Stormrider 2023 – Part 2


Buried Shallow


Badlands Bar


8 July 2023

Stormrider 2023 – Part 2
For a fairly new band in the live music environment Buried Shallow had a large gathering that suddenly rose up from the grave and filled the mosh pit. There was a uniting of energy, sweat and flying hair as this deathcore five-piece unit unleashed with precision melted the venue with the intensity of their delivery of power thrash metal. Another 30 minute set on time that was on fire and flew past. Set List:- “Death of Me”, “Swarm”, “Paint with Pain”, “Schizofrantic”, “Baptise the fool”, “Turn up the Gas”, “Suffer Unto Me” Buried Shallow are:- Charlie White - Vocals Mark Honey - Guitar Greg Hall - Guitar Matt Crossley- Drums Brett Dunsire - Bass Click buttons for more …..
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