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Now was Yesterday – Part 2




Rosemount Hotel


22 September 2023

Now was Yesterday – Part 2
Breaking my standard ethos and not going into ‘author blah blah’. This view is the exception as this gig was a blessing as I’ve been trying to catch this local legend in the live setting for a number of years. The stars aligned with a physically accessible gig. The Michael Videlli led three-piece blues rock unit are outstanding quality with Micheal on vocals and guitar poring out his heart and soul. Playing a two set gig the first being blues, and as Micheal alluded the following been more rocky, the first was original blues funk rock at it’s finest. Grabbing a copy of Vdelli’s latest release “Now” I scuttled out the door at half time due to prior commitments. However I shall be tracking Vdelli’s movement for another opportunity to be blessed again my a Guitar God. Vdelli are:- Michael Vdelli - Guitar / Vocals Leigh Miller - Bass Ric Whittle - Drums Scroll down for more …..
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