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Now was Yesterday – Part 1


Art of Dysfunction


Rosemount Hotel


22 September 2023

Now was Yesterday – Part 1
With their killer self-titled debut album hot off the press Art of Dysfunction are firing on all cylinders. In this support slot they played all tracks of what has to be one the albums of the year, if not THE. They also managed to get in a new number (not sure if “Gone Shootin” or “Dare you to be Mine”). Kyle is all heart, drive and ball kicking energy on bass/vocals coordinating this unit from the front. Royce drives hard from the back with deft strokes and hard hitting, ‘Sharp Dressed Mad’ Ashley is solid and skill on rhythm and occasional lead, being the perfect foil for lead guitar star Michael Menna. There are times when it appears Micheal is astonished at the licks and rips coming off the guitar as the spirt takes command. It is almost too hard to pick a favourite as all songs as so strong, each with it’s own original twist and flavour. As their debut release available online and “at gig” sales dig into it to see if you can pick a favourite. The intrepid live music aficionados demanded ‘one more song’ and A.O.D. delivered with an red hot version of the Tops (ZZ) “ Sharp Dressed Man” that runs into Stevie Ray Vaughan number (not sure if “Scuttle Buttin” as SRV not been on the decks for a while). An outstanding set. Art of Dysfunction are:- Michael Menna - Lead Guitar Kyle Haydock - Bass and Vocals Ashley Gallop - Rhythm guitar Royce Mack - Drums Scroll down for more …..
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