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New Wave of Aussie Pub Rock – Part 3


Art of Dysfunction


Stirling Arms Hotel


25 August 2023

New Wave of Aussie Pub Rock – Part 3
It takes balls to get the previous band to support, and confidence to know you can and will headline as conquering heroes. Following their European tour supporting local legend Vdelli, Art of Dysfunction have been busy cutting their songs into studio tracks. Tonight’s gig was the offical launch of that debut album. And what better place to do that the Stirling Arms, Guildford. With a dedicated, hardworking sound and light crew this is an excellent live venue. Art of Dysfunction are, and correct me if I’m wrong, some five years in the making and they have blossomed like a Black Rose in spring. With big chucky riffs, energy of young-guns-with-old-souls, they rise like a phoenix from the spirit of seventies/eighties rock. They have their own style and passion but, yes here I go again, but they resonate with energy of Thin Lizzy and/or Tesla in full flight and with dash of The Rammones. Throw in the heavy blues beat of the Black Crows and Art of Dysfunction lay out their own musical vision that should and will rise to those levels. On vocals and bass Kyle Haydock kicks it out with raw honesty and frighting zeal. On lead guitar Micheal Menna is like a possessed soul as he rips and tears, at times seemingly fighting to control the beast within. Fellow guitarists in the attendance that circulate in the same live music scene were seen bowing to this guitar god, praising his skills. Ash Gallop on Flying V and SG rhythm transcends on high, keeping this rock juggernaut on track and steam rolling on. At that back on the stix attack Royce drives this force of nature on, with fills and spills reminiscent of the great Brian Downey. Needless to say the set list was their extraordinary debut album with an additional song “Darling You’ll Be Mine”. A much demanded encore from the full house of live music aficionado’s consisted off ”Baby Please Don’t Go” and a killing version of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man”. This was a top night and may indeed go down in the historical archives as a “I was there” moment. Art of Dysfunction are:- Michael Menna - Lead Guitar Kyle Haydock - Bass and Vocals Ashley Gallop - Rhythm guitar Royce Mack - Drums Scroll down for more …..
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