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New Wave of Aussie Pub Rock – Part 2


Satisfaction Guaranteed


Stirling Arms Hotel


25 August 2023

New Wave of Aussie Pub Rock – Part 2
Satisfaction Guaranteed are running hot. Then again they always have been since the first time I sighted them supporting Electric State (Amps, 29 Jan 22). With the choice combination of a singer/keyboardist that has the stage presence and energy of Freddie Mercury, a guitarist that has their own unique flash but combines with the aforementioned singer with a soulfulness of Tyler/Perry or Jagger/Richards, a cracker jack exploding hair drummer and a bass player that is as solid as Deacon/Wyman. Their original compositions are upbeat good time rock and roll. If you think my ramblings are a bit over the top my question to you is “Have you seen them Live?” Then, and only then, you are welcome to come back and ridicule me. Satisfaction Guaranteed!! Get out and Get Some !! Satisfaction Guaranteed are:- Ethan Robinson – guitar/backing vocals Tommy Host - drums Ayden James – bass/backing vocals Johnny Rogers – vocals, keys Scroll down for more …..
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