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Mystic Ladies Deal the Cards for Gentlemen Rockers – Part 2


Tarot Woman


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9 September 2023

Mystic Ladies Deal the Cards for Gentlemen Rockers – Part 2
Explosive renditions of the choice Dio fronted numbers set off a chain reaction with the live music aficionado’s that crowded this standing room only venue. Not surprisingly they kicked off with Rainbow’s “Tarot Woman”. This talented collective them pummelled into “We Rock” with the die-hard Dio fans giving it all on sing-along vocals. Julia on vocals gave it her all with a passionate performance that resonated with the live music aficionado’s in attendance. Nikki D supplied the texture and rocked out on keyboards, with Harrison of the local band Powerslave providing the flash rip and tear. A case of 'Run to the Mills'? (Thanks James) Cam D and Gary S drove this unit on with powerful drum and bass respectively. “Rainbow in the Dark” was followed by “Last in Line” then “Holy Diver”. The excellent musicianship and passion of this collective was exemplified on the closing number “Heaven and Hell”. A great performance that left the question of “when is their next gig?” hanging in the air. Tarot Woman are:- Julia Miller - Vocals Nikki D – keyboards Harrison Mills – Guitar (Powerslave) Cam Daw – bass (Silent Knight) Gary Stevenson – drums Scroll down for more …..
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