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Light in the Darkness – Part 2


The Wedges


Badlands Bar


28 July 2023

Light in the Darkness – Part 2
Surprisingly, as they are an active band around the sounds, this was The Wedges first gig at that iconic Badlands Bar venue. The stars have aligned on yearly basis since 2021 and this was the third occasion I’ve witnessed this exceptional unit. The Wedges seem to have refined their sound to a more focused experimental death/thrash/metal rock. A full force sound generated by this five-piece guitar/keyboards-guitar/vocals-drums-bass/vocals-guitar unit. Front person Molly’s vocals from the other side of the grave are exceptional. The by now full dance floor erupted with spontaneous bouts of headbanging as The Wedges powered through their set. The Wedges are:- Sam Pursglove -? Molly Corduroy - Vocals/Guitar Michael de Klerk – Bass/vocals Cameron MaClean - ? Daniel Ross -? Scroll down for more …..
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