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Electric Eye – Part 6




Badlands Bar


23 September 2023

Electric Eye – Part 6
The primal scream of Woewarden is a cathartic experience. Fascinatingly skillful guitar and drums interlaced with crying death metal howls from the front. This collective brought sweat soaked tears of the pain of life into the Badlands pit. Bass player Connor Wilson joined The Death Howler John Percod when he descended into the Badlands live death metal aficionado’s in the front stage pit. Was it a sign of unity as the Weowarden and fans become one? A communal sharing of sweat, angst and spittle? A magnificent gesture that went down better than the Titanic. This was a Death Metal poetry that was absorbing to watch and hear. Outstanding !! Wowarden are:- John Pescod (vocals) Thomas Major (guitar) Dan Jackson (guitar) Connor Wilson (bass) Herb Bennetts (drums). Scroll down for more …..
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