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Electric Eye – Part 5




Badlands Bar


23 September 2023

Electric Eye – Part 5
The Dark Lords of the Perth Metal Scene rose up to summon the faithful. Three piece speed thrash metal giants Psychonaut delivered an epic set of seven brutal specimens of their art. On mesmerising speed metal guitar and death vocals Master Guitar Mechanic Mark De Vattimo (ex Voyager and self confessed sex scandal headline) was at Dark Master best. Simon Halliet demonstrated why he is one of Perth’s foremost four string pickless pluckers. From the back Seb Giorgi drove the unit and keep them on track. It was Dark, Lound and Nasty!!! Set List:- Darklord Rise, Rosemary’s, Green Steel, Wolfman, Thrash Metal Zombies, Humungas, Darkloard Psychonaut are:- Guitar/vocals – Mark De Vattimo Drums – Seb Giorgi (?) Bass – Simon Hallet Scroll down for more …..
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