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And Then There Was Three – Part 2


Tears of Venom




16 September 2023

And Then There Was Three – Part  2
Jumping in to fill the void, playing a set of originals with a few choice covers ToV rocked out hard, displaying want they felt with reckless intent. The two guitar five piece format kicked off the Rolling Stone “Paint It Black”, which was surprised the bejesus out of me as opening song choice, before they kicked in with their self-penned originals, the standout being “Tears of Venom”. Their strong well played eight song set flew past as Rob, vocalist for the MIA headlining act Electric State, joining on stage for a closing jam. That was a stroke of Viper Venom! Tears of Venom are:- Guitar – tba1 Bass – tba2 Drums – tba3 Vocals – tba4 Guitar – tba5 Scroll down for more …..
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