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Usurpation of Power – Part 5


The Wedges


Rosemount Hotel


17 May 2024

The Wedges hit the stage, riding the wave of live music from the preceding bands. Holding court for a full sixty minutes the skilled five piece captured the air waves with their dexterous, adroit, nimble fingered and ingenious playing. Their sound is rich, complex and heavy. With layers of attacking bass (Micheal de Klerk), triple six string repost alternating with keyboards/guitar (Daniel Ross). This unit are honing their skills with each live presentation. Focusing on heavy end of the spectrum they are fronted by a siren of vocals that dances between a whirling dervish and sweetness to supreme death metal vocals the defy the slight frame they emerge from. Front person Molly Corduroy also adds brutal riff power to the sound that contains all the elements of rock that resonates with classic rock meeting metal meeting doom meeting thrash. Sam Pursglove has a velvet touch on the string sting with Zane Chase (drums) pushing and driving the unit on. As well as headlining, The Wedges organised this mini-indoor festival, pulling in unwavering heavy goodness that was well represented by the gathering of live music fans. The Wedges could also be the best dressed Rock band on the planet, what do you think? They are ensuring that The Spirit lives on. Set List: “Impending Doom”, “The Beast”, “The Collapse”, “Dry Boat”, “Regicide Pt 1”, “Resin”, “Genisis”, “Regicide Pt 2”, “A.R.E.S.” The Wedges are:- Sam Pursglove - guitar Molly Corduroy - Vocals/Guitar Michael de Klerk – Bass/vocals Zane Chase - drums Daniel Ross - guitar/synth Scroll down for more …..
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