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Rockin’ Till’ You Drop


The Angels / Cheap Trick / Suzi Quarto


Fremantle Prison


20 March 2024

The Angels In their unbelievable fifth year (yes 50) The Angels put in a positively rockin performance with Nick Norton replacing Doc Neeson (RIP), The Brewster brothers and family filled in the rest of the band along with James Morley on bass. The Angels will and truly warmed up the Prison early birds. Set List: “After the Rain”, “No Secrets”, “Shadow Boxer”, “AmI Ever Gonna See Your Face Again”, “Devils Gate”, “Let the Night Roll On”, “Comin Down”, “We Gotta Get Out Of The Place”, “Take A Long Line”, “Marseilles” The Angels are:- Nick Norton - Lead Vocals John Brewster - Guitar Rick Brewster - Guitar Tom Brewster – Drums James Morley - Bass Cheap Trick Opening with ‘Dream Police’ the Trick put in a Dream Performance of their rockin top notch hit tunes. Playing with the skill, passion and verve that they have maintained through out their zany rock career this was a outstanding show that reverberated around the prison block. Set List: “Dream Police”, “Hello There”, “Lookout”, “ Baby Loves to Rock”, “Aint That A Shame”, “Magical Mystrey Tour”, “On Top of the World”, “I Know What I Want”, “The Flame”, “I Want You to Want Me”, “Surrender”, “Goodnight” Cheap Trick are:- Robin Zander - Lead Vocals/Rythum Guitar Rick Niellsen- Lead Guitar Tom Petersson - Bass Daxx Nielsen– Drums Suzi Quarto On her whooping thirty eighth (yes, 38) tour Downunder, the undisputed First Queen of Rock, Suzi Quatro whipped the live music aficionado’s into total submission with an elegantly boisterous set. Featuring a stellar touring band of equal skill, desire and hunger it was a magical performance. Unfortunate I could not track their names with only (Sir) Tim Henwood (guitar/vocals) (ex-Barker, Palace of the King) being a familiar face to these audio eyes. While Suzi Q still rocks out like a teenager, just maybe a bit slower, her powerful voice is still outstanding in her seventy third (yes, 73) year on this planet. As well as the list of hits stand out moments for me was a piano piece from her recent prodigious output in the past three years, the heartbreaking duo “Stumbli’ In” (featuring Sir Tim Henwood), a blistering cover of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In the Free World” and Suzi Q’s brilliant bass solo. This was a night of copious amounts of rock hit gems where the performers spirit and on going passion shone through like a red hot beacon in the Night. Set List: ‘The Wild One’, ‘I Maybe Too Young’, ‘Daytona Demon’, ‘Tear Me Apart’, ‘Stumblin’ In’, ’48 Crash’, ‘Can I Be Your Girl?’’ Rockin in the Free World’, ‘Bad Moon Rising’, ‘Shine a Light’, ‘Overload’, bass Solo, ‘Can the Can’, ‘Devil Gate Drive’, ‘If You Can’t Give Love’, ‘She’s In Love With You’, ‘Sweet Littl Rock & Roller’ Suzi Quarto Band are:- Suzi Quarto – Bass/Lead Vocals Tim Henwood - Lead Guitar TBA - Rhythm Guitar TBA – Drums TBA – Keyboards/Guitar Scroll down for more ….. Unfortunately, I left it to late to try to blag a photographers pass so there only bad quality mobile phone snaps. Boo!
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