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Moving On - Part 2


Tarot (Band)


Clancy's Freo


6 April 2024

Keeping with the Young Gun theme of tonight’s live music proceedings rocked on with five-piece rock unit Tarot (Band). They reach back into the seventies for the Spirit and pull it into today’s world to live and breath. A vocalist that captures the high-pitched era of rock front men. At a previous set review I quoted Robert Plant but on this view hearing there was more of a Geddy Lee twist to the said pipes. Hard working dexterous and skilled musicians on the guitar attack. Parallel lines, not blonde but black, are drawn to the diminutive Angus Young, although may not have the same stage movements still rip roaringly sharp in play. Stage left southern comfort support is provided by lead/rhythm and bass that are driven by a frenetic drummer. Their originally penned compositions are a Statement of Old School Solid Rock. Set List: ‘Wild Ride’, ‘Higher’, ‘Barking (At The Walls)’, ‘Butchers Creek’, ‘Have To Go’, ‘White Sands’, ‘Heal Me’ Tarot are:- Alex Paul Young - Lead Vocals Patrick Godding - Lead Guitar Riley Godding - Rhythm Guitar Oliver Jones – Drums (backup vocals) Ryan Hewlett - Bass Scroll down for more …..
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