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Happy Heartbreak Birthday Festival - PARTs 5,6 ,7 and 8


Mach Pelican, The Caballeros, The Cavemen(NZ), Zerodent


Carillion City Food Court


21 June 2024

Part 5 - Venue Management The venue management greeted me at the entry and declined to have their photo’s taken – Red Flag for Dodgy Management. This was confirmed when The One with the Purple Goatee confirmed his glasses were a fashion statement, and not for eye correction. Confirmation of this assessment by the wearing of a mask when joining the Zulu forces. Part 6 - The Venue The cunning design of the Venue drew on the battle tactics of the Zulu warriors. The stage being the battle line of the British forces, the Horns flanking the stage (along with Zulu force catering), with the battle formation Head being the immediate stage front area and the Body being the outside area. And so the battle lines were drawn. Rock N Roll Defence Units Zerodent, The Cavemen (NZ), The Caballeros, Mach Pelican Part 7 - The Battle Zerodent fought the opening skirmish with the early birds. Only a few early birds committed to the stage thus forming part of the Head, the Horn and Body formations also were forming slowly. Thus Zerodent lived up to their name, holding the line whilst giving zero dents into the gathering Zulu tribe. With the Zulu force building The Cavemen held the line with a few forays into the Head to engage in hand to hand combat. At one point a lone Zulu warrior breached the line, mounting the stage and attacking singer. The rest of the unit maintained movement at all times thus presenting difficult targets for the small sniper team of photographers that had embedded into the Head formation. With sweat, blood and cheers they Held the Line. The Caballeros then took over the defence line and immediately went on the attack taking the fight into Head formation on multiple occasions. Like the proceeding Battle Unit they engaged in constant movement to present a moving target for the photographer sniper team. At the encore end of the set the Caballeros General, Jake Dr Green England, called for reinforcements. The Head was pressing forward due to pressure from the Body, while the Horn was in danger of encircling the stage. The Cavemen and fresh reserves from Mach Pelican, who had not yet committed to the fight, mounted the stage and famously fought a “Twist and Shout” rear guard action that will go down in history to save the line from being breached. While the Zulu tribe withdraw for refreshments the Mach Pelican sharp shooters took over, firing riffs and solo’s at will into the now massed Zulu tribe. At this point this reporter was wounded and stretchered from the scene due to the chemical poisoning received by the overflowing drinks thrown with abandon by the warring Zulu hordes. On the premise He survived the bloody scene We are now calling on General Jake Dr Green England to give the final report on the outcome of this Rock N Roll battle royal. Part 8 – Some Thoughts of the Night Nominations for the Bravest Rock N Roll Live Music Aficionado of the Year and the most Intelligent Rock N Roll Live Music Aficionado’s of the Year were given out. Jake Dr Green England showed It’s Long Nose to The Top The Caballeros nominated The Caballeros Tie Sniffer of the Year. See post photo’s and/or gig pix and decide who or what
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