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Happy Heartbreak Birthday Festival – Part 4


Mach Pelican


Carillion City Food Court


21 June 2024

Aussie legends three-piece Mach Pelican returning home to Perth, strapped in and set off on a 50 min ride of hard punching punk/indie explosion. By this time the Zulu hordes had descended stage front, and despite the exciton and refreshing reaction of drinks pouring on my head, public transport beckoned so sadly I had to leave four songs in. The reminder of the opinion will have to be provided by the erstwhile General commanding, Jake Dr Green England. Set List: ‘Anyway’, ‘Radio’, ‘A&J’, ‘Spend Time’. ‘FM’, ‘Tokyo’, ‘Dn’t Leave Me Alone’, ‘You Suck’, ‘Chicago’, ‘No Wonder’, .’Hey Girl’, ‘TV Addict’, ‘Here We Go’, ‘Airport’, ‘Ramona’, ‘She’s Devil’, ‘Honesty’ “Matt Pelican are:- Keisuke Nakamura - Guitar/Vocals Atsushi Omori - Bass/Vocals Toshi Maeda - Drums/Vocals Scroll down for more …..
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