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Happy Heartbreak Birthday Festival – Part 2


The Cavemen


Carillion City Food Court


21 June 2024

Four-piece The Cavemen delivered a full force in your face explosion of rock. With more star jumps that the Olympics, wrestling stage jumping fans to the floor, live music aficionados’ losing their legs, a set of hard hitting riff rock gems, hip slinging firing solo’s and a strutting vocalist this WAS ROCK’N ROLL of supernatural and superlative quality. The singer has a swagger that is Dave Lee Roth-esque, the lead guitar slinger riffs, rips and bends shapes that are so sharp and cutting like a knife slicing the spine, the bass is thumping, springy and deep, the drums drive like a demented muppet. By the second song in the energy transformed the live music aficionado’s into a tribe of Zulu’s. Legs came off, the stage was jumped as the singer wrestled the rabid rock warrior to the ground – the band not missing a beat. This is a band that likes to party as post set they joined the massed Zulu tribe, joining the frenzied attack to the stage defence line. The Cavemen have to come back to Perth !! Set List: “waiting The Cavemen to recovery from hangovers and respond” The Cavemen are:- Paul (vocals) ?? Jack (guitar) ?? Takumi (bass) ?? Jake (drums) ?? Scroll down for more …..
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