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Full Force Warm Up – Part 2


All This Filth


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28 June 2024

While the previous band were a man up All This Filth were a man down. Reduced to a four piece (guitarist Brock Smith injured) they remained committed to a full force attack. Front man Brendan railed the troops and the ATF faithful for a furious thirty minute plus deadly death metal set. ATF’s latest album, “Tomorrow Will Be Better”, is getting some good press recently and receiving critical acclaim around the Death Metal circles. Not surprisingly the majority of the set list came from this opus. ATF did not disappoint with a black hot set. Set List: “This is Misery”, ”Slave State”, ”So Broken”, “It’s Never Going to Be OK”, “Waste My Life”, “Breathing Concrete”, “Still Bleeds My Heart”, “ Drowning” All This Filth are:- Vocal – Brendan Preston Guitar – Lenny Dill Bass/Keyboards – Benny Bönes Drums – Garett Stanford Guitar – Brock Smith – injured support Scroll down for more …..
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