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Werewolves, Madmen, Rock Gods and The Lies – Part 4


Black Kanyon


Amplifier Bar


1 July 2023

Werewolves, Madmen, Rock Gods and The Lies – Part 4

Led by hard working, muscle man musician Dan Connell, Black Kanyon’s anthemic bone crunching riffs reverberated around the walls of the iconic Amp’s live venue.
Launching their EP “An Hour on Delay” the full house of music aficionado’s that support live music, soaked up the sounds, giving the EP a smashing launch into the websphere.
Rock solid drumming that come with frills, unyielding bass, cosmic dynamite lead and riffs fuse into anthemic, rock that smashes like a sledgehammer with in harmony vocals that sooth the soul.
Black Kanyon take you into a valley of darkness then beyond into the burning light, holding the Rock Torch on high.

Black Kanyon are:-
Daniel Connell – Guitar Vocal
Ty Barwick - Bass
Tom Purdy – Guitar
Dave Brennan - Drums

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