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Werewolves, Madmen, Rock Gods and The Lies – Part 1


Electric State


Amplifier Bar


1 July 2023

Werewolves, Madmen, Rock Gods and The Lies – Part 1

One of the hardest working bands in Perth Electric Wheelchair (aka Electric State) have been pushing the envelope and their battered bodies are responding accordingly.
However their minds are somehow still intact and this is reflected in their masterful musician skills as they also push the boundaries of live rock energy and interaction with rock dog audiences.
It was only the rasping inter song banter of Rob “Oxygen Machine” Viney that gave away the fragile physical state of the band.
The “Green Machine”, Bill Shaw maintained the beat that drove the band, Paul Leahy’s bouncing bass laid the foundation for riff mater Russ Christie to unleash.
Down with the flu but never out Rob still managed audience interviews, handing out the cowbell and with Janis the Megaphone in hand was non-stop. Until he collapsed on stage during the closing number “Tomorrow’s Sun”.
Newish songs “Can’t Get Enough”, Background Noise”, “Stand Up” and “After the Fall” were included along with audience favourites “Get In You”, “Government” and “ Just Blood”.
Lets hope they don’t burn out and get refreshed for the forth coming tour to Japan and Convenients venue (Perth).
Electric State are:-
Rob “Spanish Flu” Viney - vocals
Bill “Club Foot” Shaw – drums
Paul “ Bad Back” Leahy – bass
Russ “Kneecap” Christie - guitar

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