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The Streets Don’t Lie – Part 2




Indi Bar


19 May 2023

The Streets Don’t Lie – Part 2

A two guitar-bass-drum four piece that was fronted by a vibrant vocalist doubling on guitar Sprinter burst out of the blocks with their genre melting sounds.
With their fans flocking stage front the energy was reverberating. Bouncy guitar rock that was fast, melodic, inspiring and effervescent made for a bouncy set.
A planned twelve song (eleven originals, one cover) set list may have been cut by a song or two (Innie Sprinkler / The Whip?) to maintain schedule to comply with noise restrictions.
Sprinter are a name to look out for as they run their race.
Band members are Jon Stapleton, Madison Hanley, Gus McKenzie and Lachie Hanley.
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