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The Human Connection – Part 3


Chaos Divine


Badlands Bar


25 February 2023

The Human Connection – Part 3

Chaos Divine reached out to test that The Human Connection still Lives on in these daze of interconnected remoteness.
Playing a Magnum Opus end to end is a monumental feat, especially when the selected recording reaches the spiritual and musical heights that the “The Human Connection” does.
The heavy metal of Chaos meets the progressive majestic master pieces that are Divine. With exemplary musician skills and schizophrenia vocals this set was a select treat for the assembled live music aficionado’s.
The Human Connection extended upwards and outwards from the music and into the physical and spiritual connections with the assembled live music aficionado’s. Best exemplified by the laying on hands between and exuberant fan who then went for a crowd surf.
As “No Road Home” closed the album set an encore was demanded and the Chaos Divine obliged with their accessible cover of Tot’s ‘Africa’ followed by their own ‘Contortion’ and ‘Sickness’ from their latest album ‘Legacies’ (2020).
An epic set indeed.
Chaos Divine are:-
David Anderton (vocals), Simon Mitchell and Ryan Felton (guitars), Michael Kruit (bass),Tim Stelter (drums).

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