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Rock ‘n’ Roll Heartbreakers – Part 4


Nylon Stroke


Badlands Bar


11 February 2023

Rock ‘n’ Roll Heartbreakers – Part 4

Flying under the radar for too long a new force in rock music history emerged from out of the Bat Cave.
With rock star aura that only Spinal Tap could challenge Nylon Stroke have the songs, power and energy to break into the big time,
With the successor to Tommy Lee on drums, a new Sammy Hager on guitar/vocals and a bass player that resonates like a night out with Lemmy and Geddy Lee.
Punchy rocks songs delivered with style were lapped up by the Rock Dog live music afficinardo’s that stuck to their guns and stayed to the end.
We wanted ROCK and we GOT ROCK with SPIRIT.

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