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Rock ‘n’ Roll Heartbreakers – Part 2


Electric State


Badlands Bar


11 February 2023

Rock ‘n’ Roll Heartbreakers – Part 2

EElectric State didn’t have a date, so with a late call-up they plugged in and set to work. With a stand in drummer (Dizzy) sitting in for Club Foot Bill they didn’t miss a beat.
Never to leave a man behind lead vocal Rob Viney cornered the Green Machine himself, Club Foot Bill, to make a guest appearance on vocals during one of a sing-along anthems Electric State are famous for.
The usual madness ensured for a supersonic eight song set as they gathered up the Hearts of the Live Music fans, dealing out Aces of Spades.
The only notable change was (Shock! Horror!) the cowbell was substituted by a triangle!!

Electric State are:-
Russell Christie (guitar)
Paul Leahy (bass)
Rob Viney (lead vocals, guitar)
Dizzie- sitting in for Bill Shaw (drums)

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