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Live At Mojos - Part 2


Last Quokka


Mojo’s Bar


4 March 2023

 Live At Mojos - Part 2

Explosive, rock attitude and vitality revved up the Mojo’s energy plain with punk party fortitude and ethical doctrine. An eleven-song set was mammoth in its vitality.
The magnetic vibration drew headliner Abbe May up to share the stage for a one-song musical therapy surge.
Abbe later remarked the Quokka were that good and hot as a support band this would be their Last gig she would be playing with them.
You can’t get higher praise than that!

Last Quokka are:-
Carlota Rivera - drums
Trent Rojahn - vox
Kiril Ivoutin - guitar
Justin Zanetic - guitar
Raymond Grenfell - bass

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