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Gidgestock 2023 – Part 9


14 October 2023



With a clear blue sky and the sun ray’s a beating three piece hard rock power trio Amberdown stood up and got sweaty giving it their all.
Fighting with a few technical difficulties due to melting instruments Amberdown proceeded to melt a few faces as their dedicated band of live music aficionado’s gathered stage front.
Bone crunching riffs, passionate soaring vocals, both lead and backing, fuelled by some hard hitting show cased what must have been the heaviest band to reverberate around the Gidgestock Music Festival valley to date.
Among the stand out tracks highlights were ‘Say You Will’, ‘Abandoned’ (?) and the ultra epic ‘Hole in the Flaw’.
Main man Dan as well as singing the songs sang the praises of the live music aficionado’s that attended the event, especially the older but young in spirit dancers.
It was Hot, Sweaty, Hard and Heavy, Yeah!!

Amberdown are:-
Guitar/Vocals/Muscles – Dan Connell
Bass – Jeremy Young
Drums – Marc Lennon

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