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Gidgestock 2023 – Part 13


14 October 2023


Electric State

The thirteenth band of festival, four-piece Electric State, took the Gidgestock Music Festival on a journey into the twilight zone.
From the onset air raid sirens sounded the warning as the youngest dedicated fan zone took stage front. Their anthem indie grudge hard rock came through the bubble and smoke machines loud and proud as out came the megaphones to make sure they were heard.
Laser beam focus support from their men in frocks entourage drew them on as they invited audience and an identical twin making up the unidentifiable fifth member onto the stage to celebrate the passion with them.
Electric State are in your face with no where to run and hide. Then again why would ya with such musical entertainment to dance the night away.
And then it was dark!

Set List: ‘Get IN You’, Can’t Get Enough’, ‘Still Running’, Government’, Come Together’, ‘Mr C’, ‘Stand Up’, ‘After the Fall’, ‘Just Blood’, ‘Tomorrow’s Sun’, ‘Greed’ (?)

Electric State are:-
Rob Viney – vocals, Bill “Green Machine” Shaw – drums, Paul Leahy – bass,
Russ Christie – guitar, Craig ‘not Bill’ Shaw - megaphone

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