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Gidgestock 2023 – Part 12


14 October 2023


Louis Rebeiro & The Blues Machine

Guitar/instrument virtuoso Louis Rebeiro brought his Blues Machine, a handful of originals, a choice selection of covers, the spirit of Hendrix and his saxophone to the GidgeStock Music Festival valley.
Displaying fast, furious and ferocious fretboard skills, dexterous handling of sweat sliding mirror shades and extreme proficiencies Louis was as hot as the sun.
Backed by equally gifted musicians on bass and drums they craved it up, ripped it up, danced it up and everything in between. This was an explosively innovated set.
Second last song Louis picked up the sax and went walk-abouts into the dance floor setting free the rubber ducks. With Louis then moving to the keyboards the collective ripped it up with a supreme tribute to rock n roll (appreciate if anyone there can name the tune – my memory is not what it used to be😊)
This was a ripper set!!

Louis Rebeiro & The Blues Machine are:-
Vocals/Guitar/Sax/Keyboards – Louis Rebeiro, Bass – Ryan Herbert, Drums – Felix Lemann

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