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All I Want Is Every Thing


Self Release
All I Want Is Every Thing
(originally published 2015) From 2013 we have “All I Want Is Every Thing” from local Perth outfit Ragdoll. Although in today’s ever changing world I think this is a classic frozen in time. I feel like I’ve been in the dark when the title track from “All I Want Is Every Thing” kicks in. It’s pure power with vocals of bass Ryan having a “glass wrapped in velvet” feel to them. “Astray” is a beautiful little number that floats along a bit like Skid Row’s “Breaking Down”. Brilliant riffing from Leon makes it hard to believe Ragdoll are a three piece. “Replaceable” takes you down and rises with a magnificent update melody. The next track “Break You” is very busy and shows off that the unit is cooking musically. There can be no arguing the class of each player on this track. Last track is “Self Censored” starts with some delicate finger picking, drum rolls from Cam and bounces into some melody lines where Ryan shows his voice is in the range, of yes that man again, Ron Keel. As the track fades out and you pick yourself, and dust yourself down you and left me wondering why Ragdoll is such a new name for these ears.
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